Chalets are adored by the rich and famous for a number of reasons. They give the elite a sense of peace and quiet. They also tend to be close to ski slopes, making them a convenient method of accommodation during the skiing seasons. Top quality chalets will scream luxury and success. This makes them great for showing off wealth and impressing others.

Chalets Favored By Celebrities

  • Courchevel 1850

Of all the luxury chalets found in the French Alps, this area has some of the best. It is frequented by those with enough wealth to afford it. The high cost is for a good reason. Each chalet has 5 star facilities that will satisfy even the most demanding of guests. Tourists like to flock here in order to spot A list celebrities.

These chalets also happen to be located on one of the most superior ski resorts in the country. Michelin star restaurants give guests amazing eating experiences. There is a private airfield that allows famous people to arrive without the inconvenience of the paparazzi. Courchevel 1850 gives guests some of the largest ski areas available, while also providing the highest quality accommodation.

  • Méribel

Found just slightly West of well known Courchevel, Méribel has proved to be a haven for some of the most well known people on the planet, from sports personalities to royalty. The chalets are the true highlight of this skiing resort. So too is the party scene where après-ski can be enjoyed on any day of the week.

This is the ideal vacation spot for those who want to let their hair down and have some fun. Alain Prost, former champion of Formula 1, regularly comes here. Brian Moore, one of the most successful rugby players in England is also a frequent visitor. You can judge a chalet by the people who choose it. The fact that Prince William and Prince Edward, members of the British royal family attend Méribel tells us that this is a resort for the higher-ups of society.

  • Chamonix

Back in 1924, Chamonix became the host of the first ever Winter Olympic Games. Nearly a century later it has become a hub for the rich and famous. Throughout the year many different celebrities come here for the diversely mixed slopes. They are terrains for beginners and intermediates, as well as some truly challenging slopes only suitable for experts.

When skiers have finished for the day they get to enjoy cozy, beautifully designed chalets nestled within the commune of Chamonix. This accommodation is so snug and the views are so idyllic that it can be tempting to never even step outdoors. Chamonix has a track record as a fantastic chalet area for celebrities.

Famous Chalets On Film

  • The Spy Who Loved Me

In this 007 classic, famous actor Roger Moore is seen in a chalet during the films opening. In this iconic sequence the character James Bond is enjoying some time away from his work as a secret agent. He decides to spend his day off with a female companion. However, he is soon called back into action and ends up in a high speed ski chase. The scene in the chalet stands out as one of the most memorable in the entire 007 series.

  • Hot Tub Time Machine

A ski resort serves as the setting for this comedy that features a number of well known actors. This includes Chevy Chase, Lizzy Caplan, Craig Robinson and John Cusack. There is also an extended cameo by artist and author Crispin Glover who gained fame for featuring in Back to the Future.

Hot Tub Time Machine follows a group of friends who decide to spend their vacation at a luxurious Fernie Alpine Resort located in British Columbia. The movie shows some of the best chalets ever portrayed on the silver screen. Eventually the characters are transported back in time and the decor of each room changes to fit in with the 80’s time period.