There are few things as rewarding as designing your own log cabin. Once the land has been acquired the exciting part can begin- deciding what the cabin itself will look like. When doing this, it can sometimes be hard to get the right inspiration. Luckily we have some handy tips that should help make this task be much easier.

Look At Examples

There is an abundance of ski chalets that have innovative and interesting designs. Doing some online research will help you get a sense of how you want your own cabin to look. There is nothing wrong with borrowing design techniques from other cabins. This is your project and one of the best ways to get inspired is by being influenced by the work of already-made chalets.

Consider Your Budget

It is all well and good to come up with an elaborate log cabin plan. The sad fact is that the project will always be restricted by how much money there is to work with. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the most famous structures in the world were hindered by their budget. The architects that made them had to come up with new ways to utilize what they had to work with. So can you.

Use The Environment

The land that the log cabin is built on should factor into its design. Some of the best ski chalets in the world manage to merge the building with its environment. This makes them look amazing and can also affect the way they are constructed.

Think About Safety

If this cabin is going to be used by vacationers then it needs to comply with the relevant safety standards. It is definitely worth looking these up to avoid any headaches later down the road. Even if the cabin is for your own personal use you should ensure that it is made in a way that prevents hazards.

Utilize Color

Color is often overlooked when designing log cabins. Most ski chalets rely on the natural color of the wood being used. What some people fail to recognize is that there are many different types of logs to choose from. They all have their own unique shade of brown. The best cabin designers will think carefully about which type of wood is ideal for their own project.


The shape of the building will be one of the most important things to think about. It needs to both look good and maximize the amount of space available. Architecture fans will have a lot of fun coming up with their own unique designs. There are very few limits when it comes to deciding the overall look of the cabin. The main restriction is whether it will be structurally sound. Some people like to play it safe and stick to a shape that has already been tried and tested. It is entirely up to you.


The windows of the cabin will affect the amount of natural light that gets into the interior. There are many factors that will have an impact on cabin lighting. Designers should think about the type of glass that they want to use. Some will give more privacy but at the expense of brightness. Others will be clearer and provide an abundance of light. The style of window and where it is placed are also worth thinking about. There is an emerging trend of using skylights on cabin rooftops. This is not only stylish but also gives you a great view of the night sky.


Since these structures are usually built in cold climates it is essential that they have adequate insulation. Designers can get creative with how they want to heat up the interior of the cabin. Energy efficiency is all the rage right now. There are plenty of ways to make log cabins that insulate in a non-wasteful way. A common technique is to build the structure in a way that allows the logs themselves to provide the bulk of the insulation.